Am I a relic?

So this week I’ve been working on identifying I.C.Ts and I have come to the understanding that what I would call an I.C.T is not necessarily adequate for the digital world. For me, in my nearly 30 years of worldly experience, an I.C.T has been anything, literally any technology, that has helped me to gain information or communicate an idea. In a digital world that is vastly expanding, changing and evolving my definition simply isn’t enough to keep pace. In a world where an analogue TV has been replaced and video stores are long extinct, I think it may be time for me to join to revolution and learn a thing or two! My thoughts confirmed by a 6 year when the words “video store” were meet with a blank stare of befuddlement!

As I continue on I am learning that to keep pace and be an effective educator I am going to need to practice what I teach: Learn to keep on learning. In order for my students have transformed learning experience through I.C.Ts , firstly I am going to have learn how to effectively use them as tools for learning. I found a great Blog post this week by John Spencer in which he outline 11 of the most common reasons he has found teachers to be reluctant to engage computers and such in the classroom. Sadly I found that a few of his points resonated with me. Some reflection on my past experiences has shown me that it’s time this ‘digital immigrant’ got to work!


Reflecting on beginning

As I begun I have found myself asking”How do I do xyz?” quite frequently, often and aloud to myself. Apparently, according to an online quiz, I have a “growth mindset”. Cue laughter, as I have found it has been of little help to settle the nerves when engaging completely foreign technology. As a frequent reader, admirer and enjoy-er of blogs I supposed you could say I’ve had minimal experience with how they actually work. However, daunting as starting has been, I am thoroughly looking forward to the challenges these new technologies will bring.