Keeping our students safe.

In an age of modern technology it feels like hardly a moment goes by where we aren’t told of the perils of something gone wrong when young people use the internet in unsupervised and often very unsafe ways. So that begs the question how can I keep my students safe and ensure they are using the endless resources available online in ethical ways? And even more to the point am I using the internet in a safe and ethical way? And am I modelling this for my students?

One sure fire way to make sure that I am doing my best to keep my students safe while we explore the vast and wondrous world of resources available to us though ICTs is to ensure that I stop and take the time to explicitly teach cyber-safety as and integrated part of digital learning. And this can’t just be a tick and flick – this is something that will need to be revisited time and time again in order to ensure that both the students and myself are vigilant about what information we give away about ourselves to the online community of virtual strangers.

Cyber safety for students information can be found here.


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